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About My Second Life

Name: Mieze
Mood: Hap-hap-happy
Species: Tiger
Gender: ♀Female♀ or sometimes ♀Herm♂
Age: 29
Sexual preference: ♂Bisexual♀

Call me Mieze. I am a friendly kitty and I am here just to have fun with my friends. Sometimes I can be really shy, other times, I could walk around naked and not care...I'm a strange one.

I love to DJ at The Knot nightclub. The Knot is a nice quiet, drama free place to hang out, dance and indulge in many distractions. I DJ every Wednesday night between 7pm and 9pm SL time. I often DJ on other days to fill in when I can...and usually my sets over run because I love to play music. If you can't make it to the Knot, you can click my DJ tab above and listen in as I play.

I hold life dear and I frown heavily on suicide or complaining about how bad your life is. I'm a heavy believer in self motivation. If you're looking for pity or depression, you'll see nothing but that, so look for joy and happiness.

I love to browse profiles, FA, the web and youtube. I often miss or forget to respond to IMs/friends because I am always so distracted with these other sites


I'm not looking for a relationship thank you. I have one *grins*

Drop me an IM to ask me anything. The worst thing I can say is "no thanks". But please...and I mean this...please introduce yourself first. I feel so awkward

[Age Verified]

I can't lie, I do like to have fun
I can be very random a lot of the time and I am sorry if I upset or offend anyone. Sometimes I can feel extremely horny and just want to mess around with everyone and will do anything that is asked of me. Other times I don't want to even think about sex. Please don't label me as your personal sex toy or judge me as Second Life's biggest whore as sex is not the only thing important to me. Just be aware is all

Hey Entropy....How's Cheyenne coming?

About My First Life

I'm 29 years old and I live in England.

I'm a furry and you must understand that as it is a big part of my life.

I'm an adult and as such I will do adult things and often 'play' with others, but that is not my only purpose here.

I am not single and not looking for a partner. I won't come and meet anyone because...well..thats just scary. Anything I do in Second life is Second Life only.

If I send an IM to someone and they don't reply, I will take it as they are busy of AFK...I expect others to see it that way when they IM me. I afk during the day if I am on, or I might be roleplaying...or I might even have too many IM windows open and miss your IM..and I'm sorry for that.

I work more than I am at home. Thats just the way it is.

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