Hi! I'm Miezekatze.

Call me Mieze. I am a friendly kitty and I am here just to have fun with my friends. Sometimes I can be really shy, other times, I could be loud and not care...I'm a strange one.

About Me

I love movies, music, fursuiting, VR and my friends. Former SecondLife player, now mixing it up in virtual reality.

I mess around in Unity and Blender. I'm just competent enough to be dangerous. Comes in multiple flavors. Tiger, Avali, Shark, Mamagen, Dragon, Chakat, Cow, Dalmatian.....and probably more.

I love to browse YouTube. I often miss or forget to respond to friends as sometimes I go down rabbit holes. I'm also quite busy with real life.


I'm not looking for a relationship thank you. I have one *grins*

Drop me an IM to ask me anything. The worst thing I can say is "no thanks". But please...and I mean this...please introduce yourself first. I feel so awkward


This is where I used to DJ in SecondLife.

Make requests and see what's playing

Last played songs

Ruelle - Until We Go Down (Shannara Theme)


Daniel Ingram - Smile Song (The Living Tombstone's Remix)


Ivor Biggun - The pussy song


Ivor Biggun - The Cockerel Song


Parry Gripp - Cat Flushing A Toilet



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